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Yhtenä iltana | Rasmus A.

21. syyskuuta 2018

”Hi man, Joachim here, how’s it going?!”
“Oh, Joachim, hi. Long time no see… Or, yeah. I’m fine, I guess, nothing new… Work and horses. You?”
“Same old, same old. Loving my life in the saddle, haha.”
“How are the horses? Alena is still with you, right?”
“She is. She’s a star. We have twenty-two horses now, that’s ten too much really, but you know how it is. Need to make hay when the sun shines. Would need a few more hands to handle it all, though.”

“And how’s the boss?”
“Grumpy old man as always… Nah, he’s cool, buying horses left and right, luckily selling as well, keeping us all busy. We’ve got this new girl from Estonia with us, twenty-something, smokin’ hot, riding the youngsters.”
“I strongly believe she’s a bit too young for you.”
“Nah, I’m a professional, never mix business and pleasure, y’know. Doesn’t mean I would not notice the looks...”
“Sure thing.”
“Would still take you back any time, despite the looks.”
“Thanks Joe, I appreciate that.”

“Are you planning on visiting us again, huh? It’s been almost two years since the last time, right?”
“Must have been… Haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. I’ve been so busy lately… But not an impossible idea, no. Maybe before Christmas?”
“I think you should. The boss is often asking how you’re doing. You’re always welcome… to visit or to stay.”
“Hmm, yeah. To visit. Couldn’t stay even if I wanted, too much to leave behind now, Lara and all.”
“But you gotta miss it, for sure. The lad I knew lived to ride and rode to win.”
“Well yeah… But there are other things in life as well. Not that you would know it. But maybe it just… Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”
“Man, you sound like you have found Jesus. Or a lady.”
“You’re not entirely wrong.”
“Rasmus! Looking forward to hearing more.”
“You’ve got to wait until we meet again.”
“Then you better visit.”
“I will, okay.”
“That’s a promise?”
“It’s a promise. Sooner… or later.”

“Guess I’ll have to be happy with that. Say hello to Lara for me. And to God.”
“Ha ha. Will do. Tell the grumpy old man I said hi.”

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50 shades of Jonathan

Sunnuntai 02.09.2018

"Jonathan, dear, you need to sort things out as soon as possible."
"I know, we actually had really nice evening last night with Matu."
"Good. Does she know?"
"About what ? If you mean the hit, then yeah, I think she knows. After all, she was the one taking the hit."
"No, not that. And I know you feel bad about that. To be honest, you should."
"Nana... I've had my lecture about this. Please..."
"Okay, okay. Actually what I was talking about is your feelings for her."

"Yeah, I mean I like her. A lot. But..."
"You think it's more than that ?"
"Well she already said the L-word at the brunch table... And I chickened out."
"Don't chance the subject, young man."
"Gosh, Grace... Your taxi will be here in a minute. I don't want to do this right now."
"I don't care if I'm leaving to get milk from the market or to catch my plane, we are having this conversation now."

"I don't know what I feel. Yeah, I'm embarrassed about running that day..."
"Jonathan, focuse. I haven't seen you looking anyone like that. Ever."
"She's something... I guess I'm kind of afraid to admit it even to myself. I hurt her once, I could hurt her again. And she knows that."
"Jonathan Oliver Raynott, you are not your father. Never have, never will be."
"Sorry to cut you right there, but taxi's here..."

"Darling, I know this is difficult for you but I know Mathilda will be there for you. What ever you need. That little accident was just a speed bump on your journey. But like I said, I have a flight to catch."
"I'm so happy you made this trip. I'll miss you."
"And I'll miss you too. And please, thank Isabella for me. She was everything I imagined, except the part where she broke Thomas' heart."
"Shit happens."
"Language, young man. But I need to go. Take care, sweety."
"You too, and please, let us know if things go sideways. We're here to help anytime!"

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English only
Tiistaina 28.8.2018

”Hello darling.”
”Nicholas? Oh… hi.”
”Sorry to bother, but can I please get in? You’re a hard woman to find Isabella! Or actually, you’re hard to get in touch in any ways, sweetie.”
”Hmmm is it really so? You’re here after all.” Even though I didn’t answer your messages. On purpose, I snorted to myself.
“I gave you a phone call and then actually came to look for you. And after those failed attempts, wrote a letter. Can you imagine! Letter in 2010s! As in written by hand, to a piece of paper. That’s how dedicated I’ve been to find you.”
Nicholas smiled slightly and placed his hand to keep the door open.
I sighed and forced myself to smile politely.
“Fine. Just get in then.”

Nicholas looked weird in normal clothing. He had a good taste actually, which I now remembered. I had seen him like this before and liked his style before. Or oh well – liked him, I should say. In Canada it had been easier to be around him, since he was in coach’s role and that was how I saw him, at least mostly. Of course he was disturbingly handsome on top of it.

“Isabella. Dear. Why have you been avoiding me? I don’t take bullshit about lost messages if you’re thinking about that tactic”, Nicholas said calmly and leaned forward.
“I don’t know. I really… don’t know”, I answered, processing it at the same time. Wide smile appeared on my face and I felt a little inkling of possibly approaching butterflies. Oh my, he was still charming. Aaand why had I been avoiding this meeting again?

“Hi!” a shout with familiar male voice reached us across the hall.  
We both turned from what soon could have been a very passionate kiss to glance the enterer. Jonathan walked down the stairs, so relaxed and slowly that I scared the scene would never change.
“Hi”, I responded neutrally and hoped not to be forced by the situation to introduce Nicholas.
But he did it himself and the two lads shook hands.

“Hi, I’m Nicholas, Isabella’s ex-colleague. I actually trained a few Auburn riders last March in Canada so you might have heard of me”, Nicholas said, possibly looking for some sort of recognition in Jonny’s eyes. As a coach, he was ambitious.
“Jonathan”, Jonny just said, so I gave him a Look. “Or Jonny, pleasure to meet you”, he continued with hesitance and looked sharp and yet loose at the same time. Was he alright?

Nicholas glanced at Jonny tensely and I could guess his thoughts. I was rather tired of explaining people that this semi-hot young guy, living in my mansion, was in fact not my mister in bed. So I didn’t explain. I couldn’t care, not even if it meant small scale cold war for my loss.    

“Jonathan is my stable master and a fresh owner of a horse – he just bought me a filly of my own breeding. She’s from Erelas, you remember her don’t you?” I chatted, because Jonny was few in his words.
“Oh my! The jumping dragon is still alive?” Nicholas laughed.

Jonathan was about to finally enter the conversation, but we got interrupted.
“Oh so this is the famous Isabella Sokka”, an old lady stated, coming down the stairs even more slowly than his grandson had. Or at least it had to be his grandson – who else this could be than Grace Raynott? Thank god she referred to me as famous, not notorious. Maybe she didn’t know the full Thomas story?
“Pleasure to finally meet you”, I answered calmly, not letting it show that they got me by surprise. What was this anyway? International visit Isabella Sokka day? The annual English conversations only day? And wait a minute – was I already thinking in English?

I tried my best but must have looked amazed anyway, when the old lady came over to hug me gently. Nicholas was surprised too, but acted like a true gentleman he was.
“How come I did not know you’re in Finland?” I asked, smiling slightly and keeping my posture noble. At the same time I turned my head a bit and gave Jonathan a quick but much murderous look. It meant somewhat: how come I did not know your grandma stays in my mansion?! In which the ‘my mansion’ in Caps Lock.

“Don’t worry darling, not many knew”, Grace belittled, her eyes sparkling playfully like autumn foliage in trees.
“Have your dear Jonny showed you around the estate? And please don’t say you’re sleeping in a sofa, we do have several guest rooms”, I fussed but kept my voice steady. “Besides… I think we’re staying in my summer cottage few days more. Just make yourself at home.”

I smiled charmingly and hugged Grace a goodbye, even though I had a feeling that we’d meet again. I hugged Jonny too and felt Nicholas’ eyes on my back. I would explain him later, but maybe without the Tommy-storyline. Thinking of him in front of Grace made me feel nervous for a short while, and I couldn’t help wondering what she thought of me. Way too old heiress seducing his massively-good-looking young grandson… And then dumping him cruelly before any feelings gets involved. Oops?

“Bye then!” I shouted and closed the door with relief. “Let’s take my car. This way, please.”
Nicholas followed me in silence and I could tell he was bothered.
“Jonathan is my employee. He has a girlfriend and –“
“No need to explain”, Nicholas hurried to replay, but seemed relieved anyway. Men.
“By the way, your sister was rather icy, rude even. Is she crippled and bitter for that? Didn’t say me a word and yet I could tell from her eyes that she understood English just fine.”
“Oh no, Amanda is like that to everyone, don’t worry. And the wheelchair is temporarily”, I explained as we already arrived in front of the cottage. I turned my head to stare his eyes and knew it instantly. It was now happening, and I had no longer strength to resist.
“Want to see my unicorn underwear?” I asked quietly between my lips, much flirting.


There was really no need for foreplay. Short encounters with subtle flirting, crumbled on a timeline over ten years had done the job. It was worth it, since I felt so relaxed. Nicholas was a holder, so I ended up laying in his lapse. He was a handsome equestrian, in perfect age for me and a great lover too. Being safe and sound should’ve been it, but no. It just made me remember Verneri and the English times.

I felt regret.
Thank goodness feelings didn’t drive me. I’d make a truce with myself later.  

kokonaan toisella kielellä #raynottinhaaste
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(yksisarvinen, huuto, puhelu, sota, aselepo, ruska)
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Meidhirin päiväkirja


Hösten hade kommit och jag hatade det. Det hade nu regnat oregelbundet hela dagen så att banan var blöt och äcklig. Det hade varit hela dagen någon i manegen och man kunde inte få lugn och ro där. Ändå skulle jag och Meidhir dit. Vi skulle aldrig rida i det här vädret eller på en så våt ridbana att man var hela tiden rädd att vi sku till exempel rida omkull.

Meidhir hade haft sin himla söt ljusröd regntäcke på och jag hade lagt den och torka. Han stod nu helt snällt på stallgången och bara såg nyfiket runt omkring. Innas Bansku hade också blivit intagen. Den skrapa golvet med ena frambenen och verkade lite orolig tills Inna kom och hingsten sluta allt den hade gjort hittills. Den låtsades vara en super snäll kille. Jag och Inna hade något chit-chat aktigt typ något om vädret innan hon lade täcket på sin häst och förde ut den.

Vi blev ensamma på stallgången med Meidhir som lekte en dum kille som inte visste hur man skulle lyfta benen då någon ville putsa dem. Vi stred ett stund med det tills han lät bli och jag fick hovarna putsade. Sen hämtade jag Meidhirs utrustning och klädde mig själv med ordentliga ridkläder. Idag gick det snabbt att sadla och tränsa Meidhir så vi var snabbt redo för träning.

Manegen var nästan fullbokad som jag hade anat. Den nya killen, Anton kanske (?), red Vila på en volt. Julia galopperade på ena långsida med Valerie. Nita red skänkelvikningar med Armi. Och den blyga Rasmus led hans häst från marken kanske hade de redan slutat sitt träning.

‘’Hoppas vi också ryms hit’’, skrattade jag och led Meidhir till pallen som någon hade lämnat till mitten.

‘’Jodå, vi ska snart bort’’, sa Rasmus men såg bara neråt på sina fötter.

‘’Ah, okej’’, log jag men det märkte han inte.

Jag gjorde allt färdigt och hoppade sen upp i dressyrsadeln, spände lite sadelgjorden innan lät Meidhir börja skritta runt. Då jag började ta tyglarna spände Meidir sig och lyfte huvudet upp. Jag försökte få honom lite mer avslappnad med skänkelvikningar och öppnor på långsidorna. På kortsidorna gjorde jag små volter där jag ställde honom inåt. Det började bli bättre. Vi bytte varv med andra och sen gjorde jag typ samma sak i andra varven också. Meidhir började bli avslappnad och rund från nacken.

Men som det alltid var då det regnade, blev hingsten stressad igen då vi började komma fram i trav. Jag trava bara en stund på en stor volt för att få honom mjuk och avspänd. Det tog en tid men sen hade jag en fin irländsk under mig som tog med sina bakben. Jag valde att bara byta varv på volten och göra exakt samma sak i andra varven också och strunta i att förstöra allt på rakt spår. Efter en stund fattade vi galopp och jag var super förvånad så galoppen var genast bra och lugnt. Meidhir galopperade i ett helt bra form och orkade vara också böjd inåt. Jag var sååååååå nöjd med både honom och jag. Samma bra galopp fortsatte i andra varv också och jag log som en idiot. Sen klappade jag honom på halsen och tacka honom med rösten innan jag saktade Meidhir ner till traven igen.

Vi travade lite i båda varven runt manegen och Meihir kändes härlig. Sen tog vi ner till skritt och jag gav honom längre tygel. Hingsten frustade och stretchade halsen neråt. Jag klappade hans varma hals och det var supernära att jag inte också krama honom men sen märkte jag Isabella som stod på medellinjen med Anka och rätade upp mig. Isabella stirrade på mig genom sina täta fransar. Var hon arg på mig då jag inte kom till hennes tea garden party fat jag tacka ja. Jag och Sokkas systrarna hade aldrig någon slags chit-chat. Jag var bara en betalande hästägare i deras stall. Och faktiskt, det spelade inte någon roll.

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Banskun päiväkirja

Hello there in other side of screen!
#raynottinhaaste #raynottinhaaste2

My name is Banana Mania but my owner call me Bansku! You can do so too! You know I’m horse so I don’t write very good english. Don’t mind my mistakes and please you should not tell them about to my mommy. She will get angry.. I think.
I’m from Denmark! Hej!

I really want to tell you something! I really love a lot of bananas. You know them? They are yellow and look pretty like pe… okay, mommy, I will not say it.

Do you know my mommy? She is Inna and I think she hate Jonathan Shithead because of this challenge. I don’t know if she love bananas as much I do. But she love me! Aww..

I met a mare yesterday. She was so so so beatiful! Just as black as me. White marks and everything. I think I’m in love! That human girl called her by Fellu.. Oh.. I think that maybe she was stallion. Oh my. I wonder if he like bananas too.

Do you want to know what I’m scare of? I really do afraid of apocalypse. Do you know what that mean? ALL bananas will disappear! Then I can’t eat banan anymore. Scary as Amanda.. I don’t like when she yells to me.

Oh, I would like to tell you something I do like! I do like Isabella! She sneaks in the evenings to give me a banana. Shh! It’s a secret because my mommy does not know!

I will go now! It was fun to speak to you, be well!

By all love
Banana Mania
(who love his mommy and bananas)
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Kiltin tytön päiväkirja | Jusu R.

22. elokuuta 2018 -- #raynottinhaaste #ellienhaaste2

Kuinka KAMALAN jännittävää. Miten HIRVEÄN pitkä aika siitä on, kun oon tuottanut mitään tekstiä rakkaalla ruotsilla. ANTEEKSI kaikki kömmähdykset. En kuitenkaan halunnut liikaa ruveta oikolukemaan, ettei teksti jää ikuisiksi ajoiksi tiedostoon. Olkoon ne kaikki nyt sitten mokat siellä kaikessa komeudessaan.

J = Josefina
A = Arne Rosengård, Josefinas pappa

J: ”Hej, pappa! Jag är så glad att du ringde.”
A: “Min finaste Josefina, vad härligt att höra din röst. Jag har verkligen saknat dig.”
J: “Jag saknar er också. Och hästar, givetvis.”
A: “Jag hoppas du har ändå trivts där i Kalla. Sussi och Vilhelmina påstår att du har även skaffat en pojkvän.”
J: ”Äh, men pappa! Du vet bättre än att förtro deras förmodan!”

A: “Å, javisst, javisst, men var det inte någon Rasmus Alsila som du hade med dig på Isabella Sokkas tea party? Eller så har jag åtminstone hört. Men det är ju helt möjligt att de var bara rykten som jag tolkade fel…”

J: “Äh. Visst deltog vi tillsammans men –“
A: “Mamma är ganska besviken över att han introducerades först till Isabella Sokkas vänner och inte familjen. Vi borde nog ha träffats denna Alsila-killen innan du drog honom till sociala tillställningar.”
J: “Och mamma yrkade att du klandrar mig –“
A: “Jag klandrar inte. Det ända jag vill påminna är att –“

J: ”Jag vet, pappa. Jag vet att jag borde ha valt annorlunda. Men är det på riktigt riktigt riktigt så hemskt farligt att ha rolig med en trevlig kille –“
A: “Du känner nog till hur prat –“
J: “Prat om vad då, pappa? Att en 20-åring har sällskap? Oj vilken löpsedel. Och har ni haft samma diskussioner med Alexander varje gång han gått ut med non av sina luder?”

A: “Josefina!”
J: “Ups. Förlåt mig.”
A: “Hmh.”
J: “… det var lite… jag menade inte…”

A: ”Du vet att mamma är, hmm, man kan nog nästan säga att hon är ganska förbittrad. Och himla nyfiken. Om du vill umgås med den här Alsila-killen, och om ni vill få vara i fred, tror jag att det vore bäst att du introducerade honom till oss också. Inbjuda honom till kräftkalas, till exempel.”
J: ”Ja, du har rätt, kanske, men jag vet inte om han äter kräftor eller om han nu vill ha något att göra med min familj. Jag vill inte skrämma honom. Och jag vet inte om jag vill att han träffar er.”
A: ”Ah, att vara ung och kär igen.”
J: ”Pappa!”

A: ”Ja, men tänk på det. En kväll med oss och Sussi sku redan bli på bättre humör.”
J: ”... jag tänker.”
A: ”Och fråga honom.”
J: ”Måste jag?”
A: ”Du kan också vänta på att din mamma skickar er någonslags inbjudan eller åker dit själv och tar reda på den här stackars killen.”
J: ”Varför måste hon alltid veta allt om precis allt?”
A: ”Ja-a.”
J: ”Jag måste gå nu. Saknar dig. Vi hörs!"
A: "Hörs. Och ses."
J: "No jaa."
A: "Hej nu, Jusu."
J: "Hej."
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Rakas päiväkirja...

18.8.2018 - Matin rouge

C’etait un beau jour. Le soleil brillait et Ellie pouvait entenrde les oiseaux chanter. C’etait long temps que elle se si tôt reveiller, mais il y avait quelque chose de magique au tôt les matins. Ellie a couru le long du centre-ville et a écouté le musique avec des écouteurs. Après la course, Ellie pourrait aller á l'étable et faire du cheval. Rien de trop parce que Riepu avait passé une semaine lourde, après tout.

Après quelques kilomètres, Ellie est rentrée chez elle et elle se douché rapidement. Il était environ huit heures quand elle commença à préparer le petit-déjeuner. Une café au lait, porridge au myrtille et pain du chocolat, qui avait était le favori d'Ellie depuis sa voyage á Paris. Elle a decidé manger au balcon parce que le beau temps et que ça allait bientôt arriver en automne.

Mais avant elle a eu le temps de déguster la nourriture, Ellie a connu la douleur brusque. Le couteau s’est échappé de sa main et a laissé une méchante blessure. Le sang coulait sur le sol et Ellie se hâta de trouver quelque chose pour arrêter le saignement. Heureusement, elle a réussi à arrêter le saignement et il n'y a pas eu de véritable urgence.

Ce n'est pas ma journée, pensa Ellie.

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50 shades of Jonathan

Months after moving to Kalla I remembered couple of boxes, that I had shoved out of my sight to the storage room in the building cellar. And now I was staring one of them.

Old pictures of me and Thomas, crafts from school and two or three poorly made drawings. All these made me smile, but they were nothing compared to a piece of paper, that was folded one too many times and without any sense. It was just a wrinkeled mess.

I tried to fold it open without splitting it into two pieces or more. When I got it straightened I set it on to the kitchen table and took a picture of it. I had to sent a reminder of it to Thomas. This was priceless! I hope he shows this to Sarah.

I was reading the note over and over again, smiling and remembering good old days, the really easy days, when we were inseparable. And now, we both were adults, or something like that, with our own lives and jobs and hobbies.

But I was happy for him. He looked so happy with Sarah and I couldn't help to wonder, what actually went down between Isabella and him. They also looked cute together. All Thomas said to me was something about him wanting more and Isabella wanting enough distance.

Then my phone woke me up from my thoughts. Thomas.
"Fuck you."

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Effin päiväkirja


I brushed Effi with care. She stood quite quietly, her ears turning and twisting to follow the sounds. I hummed quietly and followed my hands with my gaze as they made their way trough the mares coat.
The brush was replaced by boots, I carefully adjusted them to Effis legs. After those I put a saddle on her and then putted on her bridle.

We walked to the outdoor ring and mounted Effi. She was quite frisky and I lead her to walk to the rail.
We started off easy - some flexion and leg yield exercises. Effi warmed up nicely.

Effi responded fast to my commands. We continued working in trot and I was careful to make every step count. Amanda was really pedantic, so I had to work extra hard to make sure I sat up straight and Effi was responding accurately.

"Good girl", I praised when Effi did well, she snorted and we continued working until Effi was submissive.
After the ride I washed her thoroughly with shampoo and made sure all her white marks were actually white. I was nervously looking forward to Monday, because then we would have a visiting trainer to look at our riding.

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